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Zomba CSO to Embark on Shelter Building

Zomba CSO to Embark on Shelter Building

Chairperson for Zomba Civil Society O r g a n i z a t i o n s Network, Nicholas Mwisana, said they are planning of building houses for survivors of Tropical Cyclone Freddy as part of helping them.

He was speaking at Chambo evacuation center in Zomba as the network continues to help survivors with assorted items.

“As a network, we will continue to help the survivors in different areas,” Mwisana said.

“I would like to request government to continue helping the survivors by constructing houses as leaving them in the centers for long may cause health problems among others,” said Mwisama.

One of the beneficiaries, Shillah Chikometsa, thanked the network for the help that was given to them.

Chikometsa said most survivors are in the centers because their houses were destroyed by the cyclone; they are therefore asking government and CSOs to build them houses that they can relocate to.

The Zomba CSO network launched the initiative of helping the cyclone Freddy survivors in March, an event that coincided with the inauguration of Senior

Chief Chikowi in the district. Some of the civil society organizations which participated in this exercise were Shine Relief Trust, Passion Center, Future Vision International Ministries and Transparency Initiative.

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