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Malawians urged to embrace spirit of unity and perseverance

Malawians urged to embrace  spirit of unity and perseverance

People in the country have been challenged to stop exploiting one another but rather embrace the spirit  of consciousness and perseverance by helping one another in times of need.

Malawi’s former Vice President, Dr. Cassim Chilumpha, and the National Chairperson of the Muslim Supreme Council of Malawi, Sheikh Yasin Katungwe, said every person shall enjoy the life given by Allah if love and help are propagated in the world.

The call was made during the celebration of Eid on April 22, 2023, in Chirimba, Blantyre, where the two leaders observed that at a time when the country is suffering from the effects of cholera outbreak
and cyclone Freddy, which have caused deaths of many people, and left thousands destitute, there is a need for concerted efforts to help government support those affected.

“As a Muslim, I know Eid is time for celebration, and we celebrate in a group, not alone, hence my presence here to join my community.  And this is the time to reflect on what each of us can do for one another.

We need to be united, be selfless, and think of how we, individually or  collectively, can help one another,” said Chilumpha.

“We must appreciate that Ramadan is like a class to learn from. Fasting is not just keeping oneself away from food and drinks; it goes deeper. It calls for God’s consciousness, which, among other elements, requires one to think of someone else and help other people,” he said.

On his part, Sheikh Katungwe reminded fellow Muslims that this year’s Ramadan should continue guiding the Muslim community and portraying them as good citizens before Allah and the nation, observing that when one embraces tolerance, he or she cannot have ill feelings towards other people or engage in sinful acts.

Katungwe, who also chairs the Muslim-Christian Peace Council, took it as an opportunity to advise politicians in the country to stop taking the faith community for a ride, saying this is retrogressive.

He said, “It is saddening to see that more often than not, faith communities in the country are treated as a bridge
to help people get into government positions, but when in authority, they are completely forgotten.”

He, however, encouraged the Muslim community to be closer to Allah even in times of calamity, saying Allah
does not make a mistake.

In a separate interview, Hashim Allie Ndeketa was in agreement with what Sheikh Katungwe said.

He said Muslims should be wise enough in making their own decisions that will help them in their deen and not to be pushed by politicians who have their own personal interests.

“Muslims should come together and find out what they want to achieve as Muslims, not personal interests; it is not a matter of a political party, but what will the Muslim community benefit from those who will get into power in 2025 and beyond,” said Ndeketa

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