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MAM Continues With Clean Water Project.

MAM Continues With Clean Water Project.

By: Amirie Hassanih

The Muslim Association of Malawi-MAM has urged various organizations in the country to install safe drinking water tanks as one way of controlling the spread of cholera outbreak.

Fahad Bauleni, who is the office and financial administrator at MAM, said this on December 24, 2022, at Zomba Islamic High School during the launch of the water tank that will supply water to the school
for students, members of staff, and the community surrounding the school.

“As you are aware that the cholera situation in the country is the result of lack of hygiene, which includes the use of unclean water, it is very sad and pathetic to notice that a number of people are sick and some are dying because of illness that can be prevented,” he said.

Bauleni further said that the most affected areas are cities, hence installing the water tank in Zomba City.

He assured people that this is a continuous project that MAM is implementing in the country, and there are already over 40 water tanks countrywide.

“The good part of it is that the water tanks are free, and we expect the communities to work collaboratively and take care of them,” said Bauleni.

One of the beneficiaries, who is a member of staff at the Zomba Islamic High School, Sherifa Adulamu, said the development has come at the right time when the community is struggling to access clean water.

“So many areas in this country are facing water challenges, but we are privileged to benefit from this development,” she said.

Adulamu expressed concern about the distance that most women travel in search of water; however, she urged her fellow beneficiaries to be very active in maintaining the borehole in order to show their appreciation.

Over 9.5 million Malawi Kwacha was spent to construct the water tank.

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