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MAM Actvities

MAM Actvities

As one way of fighting against cholera, Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has constructed over 50 water tanks and boreholes. Below are some of the activities during the launch of the projects in some parts of the country.

The Electric water tank

4th February, 2023 People from the area of Chief Chiwasa T/A Kapeni celebrating the opening of the water tank

Symbolic drinking of the water by members of the community at Chiwasa.

Symbolic drinking of the water by members of the community at Chazunda

5th February, 2023 T/A Somba The area of Chazunda Blantyre. People rejoicing for the opening of the Electric water tank

Women drawing water from the constructed borehore in Usigala Village, T/A Chibwana Nsamala, Balaka District.

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