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TEVET Budgets For Save Project

TEVET Budgets For Save Project

As one way of dealing with the myth that women are not able to do the same technical and vocational work as men, TEVET has introduced a free vocational training bursary for underprivileged girls and young women.

This was said in Blantyre during a media orientation on TEVETA’s plans to increase the skilled and marketable work force for an improved economy in the country.

Executive Director for TEVETA Elwin Chiwembu Sichiola said the project is named Skills for A Vibrant Economy (SAVE).

“The whole essence of this project is to empower Malawi’s Workforce for a better future, despite the fact that a lot of people are skilled out there, there is a need for knowledge to increase through the training that people will acquire,” he said.

Sichiola further disclosed that the project has put in place ways to aim at building strong training capacity in girls and 40% of youth who will enroll.

“The project is focusing on empowering girls and young women, especially those that are vulnerable, to have access to this scholarship. The main purpose is to promote gender equality and inclusion in all work forces,” explained Sichiola.

The bursary will be provided to students who apply for enrollment at any technical and vocational training school.

“This is why we are pleading with the media to help us spread the good news to the general public so that it can reach the targeted people,” he said.

In his remarks, the Blantyre Press Club President Blessings Kanache applauded TEVETA for the initiative.

“The call that has been made by TEVETA to us has reached the right people because we, as media, also preach about better quality education for enhancing employment and improving the economy in the country,” he said.

Kanache also added that the meeting will empower journalists from different media houses with information about TEVET projects that society needs to know and understand.

During the training, the head of corporate affairs for TEVETA Lewis Msasa said the meeting was necessary as the media are eligible to provide feedback and an update on the TEVET activities for evaluation.

Director of Training Programs for TEVET Modesto Gomani said the SAVE project has, as of June 2023, over 4,621 students have benefitted from the bursary across the country.

“30 Technical schools are being targeted to receive the bursary funds for the recruitment of the students after submitting their proposals,” he said.

With funding from the World Bank, the project started in 2021 and will come to an end in 2025.


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