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MYS and IIB award 2023 Qur’an Memorization Competition Winners

MYS and IIB award 2023 Qur’an  Memorization Competition Winners

Winners of the 2023 Qur’an Competition which was jointly organized by the Muslim Youth Society (MYS) and Mzuzu Islamic Information Bureau (IIB), have been encouraged to continue reading the Qur’an, as it is a prerequisite for any Muslim.

The sentiments were expressed by guest of honor Jack Kachingwe during the ceremony to award the winners, held on May 14, 2023, in Mzuzu.

“It’s pleasing that MYS and IIB organized this competition, and by targeting children, one would see that it is not only a motivation to the young ones but to parents as well, since children are the future of Islam.

This being one way of promoting Islam, I encourage the winners not to stop reading the Qur’an just because the competition is over,” Kachingwe said.

He added, “It’s good that these children are memorizing the Holy Qur’an. And if children properly understand the Qur’an and Hadiths, it is good for personal development, development of Islamic faith, and the nation as a whole.”

The competition was inaugurated last year, and this year’s session attracted 30 participants (15 male and 15 female) aged between 10 and 16 from 15 Madrassas in Mzuzu. The first prize winner in each category (for both boys and girls) got a mattress and a cash prize of K40 000. The second and third-place winners went home with K30 000
and K20 000, respectively.

Kachingwe also advised Muslim parents to encourage their children to acquire both Islamic and secular education, saying both studies are helpful.

“As Muslims, we have to go for both studies. As youths, they also need to properly utilize their youthful days by
making sure that they don’t engage in bad behaviors that cannot only dent the good image of Islam but also ruin their lives,” he said.

“One of the questions every human being will be asked on the Day of Judgment is what one did as a youth. So I asked them to use their youthful period in a rightful manner for their own benefit.

On his part, MYS regional public relations officer for the North, Hassan Rajab Kasamala, said it was delightful that the competition was a success.

“It’s not easy to accomplish a goal in times of difficulty, especially now when we are facing financial challenges. At MYS, we are happy that we had this event this year. Participants and their parents were so happy. Some even shed tears of joy.

We thank Allah for this,” Kasamala said, and he extended his gratitude to everyone who contributed towards the competition.

“We really appreciate their support. It’s an indication that they have confidence in us. I would like to ask them to continue supporting us. We rely on their support. I ask Allah to reward them abundantly in this life and in the hereafter. Let me also thank my colleagues for their efforts as far as this competition is concerned. We do this to seek Allah’s pleasure and nothing else. Madrassah teachers too have to be commended for the role they play in teaching children. I would also like to thank our judges for a job well done,” he said.

He added: “It’s our prayer that this competition should be beyond Mzuzu City. It should reach the entire Northern region.

In his remarks, coordinator for Mzuzu Islamic Information Bureau, Sheikh Francis Iron, described the initiative as a milestone to help Muslim youths memorize the Qur’an.

“We are all aware that, as Muslims, our main source of information is the Qur’an, and encouraging youths to              memorize it is something of great value,” Iron said.

He added: “This time around we have seen young contestants ranging from 10 to 16 years old. This clearly
indicates that we have the generation that is going to keep Islam, as you are aware that when we educate young ones, we are educating a future generation.”

Ruth Mussa, 13, from Mzelawayingwe Madrassah, who was in position one in the girls category, said she was happy to win the competition, saying it would motivate her to work extra hard.

“I am happy and grateful to those who organized the competition. I would like to ask my friends to work hard so that they should memorize the Qur’an,” she said.

Other winners in the girls’ category were Hamida Yasin from Kandaha Madrassah and Amina Nadeen Phiri from Area 1 B Madrassah, who finished second and third, respectively. Ibrahim Issa of Dhul-Qanain Madrassah, Hassan Abdullah from Kandaha Madrassah, and Shukran Allie of Chibanja Madrassah were in the first, second, and third positions in that order.

The guest of honor, however, called for concerted efforts, saying it would be good if well-wishers joined hands in supporting the Qur’an competition so that it should be an annual event with more awards.

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