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Islam A Complete Way of Life

Islam  is  not  a  religion  in  the common and distorted sense, for it does not confine its scope to one’s private life. It is a complete way of life and is present in every field of human existence. Islam provides guidance for...

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Islamic Weddings and Celebrations.

Marriage is the bonding of two souls. This relationship of marriage between a man and a woman is highly welcome and recommended in Islam. In Islam, marriage is the only valid way to practice intimacy between a man and a woman....

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The Moral System of Islam.

Moral sense is inborn in man and through the ages it has served as the common man’s standard of moral behavior, approving certain qualities and disapproving others. While this instinctive faculty may vary from person to person, human conscience has given a more or less uniform verdict in favor of certain moral qualities as being good and declared others as bad.

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