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Qmam Drills Sheikhs on Good Leadership

Qmam Drills Sheikhs on Good Leadership

The Qadria Muslim Association of Malawi (QMAM) has drilled Sheikhs across the country with knowledge that will help them acquire the best qualities of leadership for the betterment of future generations.

In order to achieve this, QMAM National Chairperson Sheikh Amir Jafali Kawinga has reiterated the need for veteran sheikhs to integrate well with youthful and upcoming sheikhs in order to create potential and good Islamic leaders in the future.

Sheikh Kawinga was speaking this during the 5-day Sunni Ulama National Conference, which was held in Blantyre from 3rd to 7th February 2024, where 80 sheikhs across the country were in attendance.

According to Sheikh Kawinga, the conference was organised to give the sheikhs a good understanding of how to practice Islamic laws in coordination with the laws of the State.

“The conference was organized with the objective of instilling profound understanding among sheikhs regarding the harmonious application of Islamic laws in tandem with the laws of the State. The deliberations aimed to bridge the gap between religious principles and legal frameworks, fostering a cohesive and collaborative approach in ensuring adherence to both sets of laws,” he stated.

Sheikh Kawinga also emphasized that the gathering served as a crucial platform for sheikhs to enhance their knowledge and skills, ultimately contributing to a more unified and integrated societal framework.

He also said that the conference aimed to enhance strong partnerships between well-experienced Islamic leaders and upcoming sheikhs so as to allow smooth sharing of knowledge between the two groups.

“In a strategic move to bolster collaboration and knowledge exchange within the Islamic leadership community, a concerted effort has been made to strengthen partnerships between seasoned Islamic leaders and emerging sheikhs,” he said.

“The initiative, spearheaded by prominent figures in the religious community, aimed at facilitating a seamless flow of wisdom and expertise from experienced leaders to the next generation of sheikhs. By fostering strong connections between these two groups, the foundation is laid for a harmonious exchange of knowledge, ensuring the preservation and continuation of Islamic traditions and teachings. This collaborative endeavor is poised to have a lasting impact on the development and cohesion of the Islamic leadership landscape,” Kawinga explained.

The Chairperson said that the coordination between grand sheikhs and newly graduated sheikhs will help to create a viable transition of leadership where the youthful leaders will be able to gain skills on how to preserve Islam.

On his part, Sheikh Yasin Ali Maluwa from Lilongwe commended QMAM for organising the conference, saying that it has given them the platform to source knowledge on how to lead and control the people using Islamic teachings in their respective communities.

“This event has equipped us with the insights and skills needed to effectively guide and govern our communities based on the principles of Islam. And it has not only broadened our understanding but has also empowered us to lead with wisdom and compassion, fostering positive change within their respective spheres of influence.”

Sheikh Jafali Uthman of Mzuzu also emphasised the importance of the conference, saying that it has helpe them strengthen their faith.

He said that his presence at the conference is also an opportunity for his subjects, saying that he will put the message across.

The conference was held under the theme: Building National Muslim Leaders for the Future Generations.