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Islamic Jihad Condemns Israeli Raid on Jenin, Calls for Demo

Islamic Jihad Condemns Israeli  Raid on Jenin, Calls for Demo

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) has condemned in a statement the Israeli military operation in Jenin and
mourned the killing of three Palestinians which happened on 19th June 2023.

“We affirm that this heinous crime, during which the martyrs died and dozens of our people were wounded, will not stop our resistance in the West Bank,” said PIJ.

“We salute our freedom fighters  in the Jenin Battalion and we confirm our determination to continue the fight. The enemy’s threats will not frighten us and will not discourage the Al-Quds Brigades from carrying out their duty,” added the PIJ.

The PIJ also called for a mass demonstration in Gaza to condemn what they described as Israeli aggression and protest the Israeli operation on Jenin. The Israeli military confirmed that seven of its soldiers have been injured during the raid on Jenin.

It added in a statement that the operation started before dawn to arrest two Palestinians from the Jenin refugee camp.

“The Israeli forces aimed to arrest two wanted men, one with Hamas and the other with Islamic Jihad,” said one witness.

“As they were retreating, an explosive device detonated in an armored vehicle. The injuries range from mild to medium,” added the statement.

“The Israeli vehicles were subjected to gun shots and five vehicles were stuck. The operation to retract those vehicles
could take hours,” it added.

According to eye witnesses said Apache helicopters and drones have continued to fly over Jenin as the situation escalates.

He said the Israeli military was   bringing in more forces to Jenin. He added that clashes between armed Palestinians and Israeli forces have also erupted.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that the number of people injured during the Israeli raid on Jenin in the occupied West Bank has reached 37.

He added that 10 of those wounded were in critical condition.

He also confirmed that three people had been killed, including a 15-year-old named Ahmad Saqer.

The Israeli military says in a statement that it has used helicopters to shoot at alleged gunmen in Jenin.

As Israeli military vehicles exited the camp, the army’s statement said, “a military vehicle was hit by an explosive device, damaging the vehicle,” after which military helicopters shot towards the gunmen to help the forces exit.

A Palestinian journalist surrounded by Israeli military forces in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin called for help over fears he could be shot and killed.

In a voice note sent to his colleagues, Hazem Nasser, a cameraman for Al-Ghad TV channel, said he was surrounded
and unable to flee the scene as shots were fired at him.

“Guys, I’m completely surrounded,” he said in the voice note. “They are shooting at us. They are shooting at us.”

Journalists at the scene reported that Nasser was hiding behind an ambulance for protection while shots were fired at him.

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