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Thumbs Up to MANEB for Giving Another Chance to Exploited Students.

Thumbs Up to MANEB  for Giving Another Chance to Exploited Students.

Education is such an important gift that children can receive in this world. It helps in building a better person and
bringing out reliable citizens to the society.

Not forgetting that it is one of the reliable means that opens doors to opportunities and establishes successful foundations for one’s life.

All this is possible when students have teachers that are determined to their job in all the tasks that they are assigned to. Teachers have such a great influence in producing a better society in the world with what they teach and their character as well.

However, it looks like there are other people who believe in enriching themselves on the expense of others. This has been uncovered in a syndicate through which some teachers had all the audacity to use students’ examination fees to
spend on their own personal things.

The story that some teachers squandered students’ examination fees is an act of greedy, lack of professionalism and has huge impact on children’s examination results; hence such people deserve a stiff punishment.

The fact that the country is facing economic hardships, Malawians should not lose their integrity by engaging themselves in such a shameful crime.

Had it not been that the Ministry of Education took some proper measures to assist the affected candidates, this heartbreaking situation could have led to poor quality of education in the country as well as rendering a great
financial loss to many households of the affected learners.

The decision made by the Malawi National Examinations Board (MANEB) on 8th June, 2023 to reschedule and allow the affected Primary School Leaving Certificate Examination (PSLCE) candidates separately sit for the examinations is greatly appreciated as it signals its commitment to improving and providing quality education in the

This also demonstrates that Malawi truly believes in the right to education.

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