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The Importance of Qurbani

As a parent, it is a lifelong duty to ensure your family is resilient and united. The leadership role that you play is important to teach and help children understand significant values of life.

Qurbani is a very important time to educate your children about in order to raise their awareness of the act of giving. Sacrificing livestock has substantial meaning in Islam as the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim is what marks the very reason we sacrifice during Qurban.

Lesson of Sacrifice

The word Qurbani itself means ‘sacrifice’ and it serves as a strong reminder to children that anything that is precious can be sacrificed. The animals that are subject to sacrifice are cared for and looked after and seen as valuable and important assets.

Just as Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) sacrificed a ram in obedience to Allah SWT, we perform this act to demonstrate our dedication and commitment. It is a good way to teach your children about the realities and value of life. Educate your children that the most important thing in sacrifice is the sense of purpose and the sincerity of that act.

Lesson of Respect

The sacrifice that is performed signifies a willing obedience towards our Creator. It ingrains worship and respect to your children’s life values and helps them to grow up understanding their religious obligations. Qurbani symbolises that loyalty we have for our Creator and that we are willing to follow all His commandments.

Reverence is an important part of faith and this act is only a small part of our overall obligation. Involving and educating your children in all parts of Islam ensures they understand the importance and respect the purpose.

This Qurbani, let’s teach our youngsters the real importance of Qurbani and the values and importance of giving to those less fortunate.