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Muslims Urged To Offer Prayers For The Nation.

Muslims Urged To Offer  Prayers For The Nation.

A call has been made asking QMAM Women, a women’s wing of the Qadria Muslim Association of Malawi (QMAM),
to pray for the country, which is sailing through several challenges.

The remarks were made by Grace Kwelepeta, a Member of Parliament for Zomba Malosa, at the beginning of a three-day conference of QMAM Women held at M’gona Masjid at Malosa in Zomba.

The legislator said the nation is going through serious challenges; hence people should pray to God to seek divine

“Let’s ask God for help if we are having problems. We should pray to God for answers to the problems the country is
currently experiencing,” said Kwelepeta.

“Malawi is one of the countries renowned as God fearing nation,” said Kwelepeta.

She praised Muslims for their perseverance in prayer and urged them to pray fervently and express to God the issues that their families, communities, and the nation are facing.

“Muslims indeed pray five times a day, as evidenced by the fact that we observe them doing so. To ensure that we get the Almighty’s mercy, I would want to implore them to pray fervently and to render their grievances to Allah,” lamented Kwelepeta..

She also urged the ladies to foster a spirit of generosity towards the less fortunate.

“Due to inadequate rains and other natural disasters, the majority of the nation’s regions had low crop yield this year. This implies that there is food shortage for others. I thus implore those who own something to share what
little they possess with those who have nothing, she said.

Kwelepeta expressed her gratitude to the women’s organization for organizing the event, calling it a means of uniting the community and creating love for one another.

The QMAM Chairperson for the Zomba Chapter Assab Wiles Binali thanked Kwelepeta for attending the event. She
bemoaned the tendency of backbiting among them calling it immoral as it prevents people’s advancement.

“During my tenure of office, I want to make sure that women are getting together and teaching one another about Islam and other important issues concerning them and their respective communities,” said Binali.

“I do not want backbiting among us as that would impede progress and development of the Deen and our society,”
he declared.

Binali outlined more activities the association has planned to undertake which will economically, socially and
religiously uplift the lives of people, especially women. “As an association, we would like to have more gatherings like this one for both men and women during which we could raise funds to help our fellow Muslim women to start and grow their businesses, as well as establishing adult Madrassas so that parents will understand the need of sending their children to Madrassah.”

Vera Ibu Awali, secretary for the organization at M’gona Masjid, said they organized the gathering to teach one
another about Islam.

Awali expressed satisfaction saying the event was fruitful and that participants have benefited from the activity which will eventually be of help to one another in their respective communities.

“We came together so that each one of us should either learn from or teach a friend. We believe that this meeting has helped all of us as we have known the greatness of Allah, what Allah wants us to do, and those things that we should not do,” said Awali.

The event, themed “Strengthening Islam, Knowledge, and the Greatness of Allah,” drew attendees from Zomba, Machinga, and Mangochi.