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Hilal Afrika Brings Hope to Malawians

Hilal Afrika Brings Hope to Malawians

In collaboration with the Mangochi District Health Council, a Germany based organization Hilal Afrika provided health care to more than 3000 people from Makanjira in Mangochi.

To facilitate easy access for the people, the project was held in three  distinct locations.

During the function’s opening ceremony, Hilal Afrika Chairman Umut Turan stated that when he visited the area last year, he discovered that many people were suffering from scabies, an outbreak which affected people many parts of
the country.

“The time we came here, it was such a bad situation to witness. As a charity organization, we went back to Germany and pleaded with our donors for funds that helped us provide the services we are offering today,” he said.

After appreciating the issues that people in the area experience, the Hilal Afrika group joins up with around 40 healthcare personnel from various specializations at Mangochi District Hospital to carry out the health work.

Dr. Innocent Lanjesi of Mangochi District Hospital stated that many individuals are unable to receive health care due to mobility challenges.

“With the introduction of this initiative, many people have expressed a desire to seek medical attention. This doesn’t usually happen, and as health professionals, we commend such gestures,” he stated.

Chief Lulanga expressed his gratitude noting that when people are not in good health, it impacts the development of his area.

He went on to say that the areas of Chief Kantande, Lulanga, and Makanjira have a population of over 300,000 people who rely on one health clinic that is about 20 miles away from other villages.

The organization further went on to officially open a rehabilitated bridge at Nyenje village in Ntaja, Machinga
district on July 26, 2023.

Cyclone Freddy devastated the bridge, mostly affecting many people in the country, particularly in the Southern region.

Nyenje bridge connects people from different areas to access health services, markets, and other developmental activities.

Further on, Hilal Afrika has implemented organic farming in T/A Bwananyambi’s Chisopi area. Over 3ø0 households have benefited from the project, with an average of 130 people benefiting from the initial phase.

Umut Turan, Chairman of Hilal Afrika, stated that the project has come to promote organic farming to farmers and make them less reliant on artificial fertilizers.

“A lot of people in the area are farmers, but they lack necessary skills to succeed. As an organization, we decided to launch the project in order to continue empowering farmers,” Turan stated.

Speaking with Insight Bulletin on July 26, 2023, at the project launch Turan said although government provides
affordable farm inputs, some farmers do not benefit from the program; hence the introduction of the Chisopi farm project in the area.

Each farmer will receive two bags of organic fertilizer, a hoe, maize seeds, post-harvest maize preservation
chemicals, and packing bags.