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MAM Donates Electric Water Pumps to Masjids And Surrounding Communities

MAM Donates Electric Water Pumps to Masjids And Surrounding Communities

In a bid to provide potable water for communities of Machinjiri and Chirimba Suya, Muslim Association of Malawi has generously donated electric water generators for community use to draw clean and safe water from boreholes located at their masjids.

The water pumps were officially handed over to the communities on 13th January 2024, amid great joy and gratitude from members of the two communities.

In his speech, the Chairman for Area 3 Machinjiri Masjid Afred Mbenera said the community is thankful to the donors for their invaluable contribution in addressing the water problem which has been ongoing for long endangering communities to water-borne diseases.

“MAM’s support is not just a donation; it’s a lifeline for our community, ensuring a sustainable and accessible water supply for all. This will make a profound impact on the welfare of our congregation and the community at large. We thank you for making a difference that truly matters,” Mbenera said.

He also emphasized the importance of learning how to properly use and maintain the water tank to ensure its durability and safety.

“Ensuring its longevity and safety is not just a responsibility that we need to show, it’s a commitment that we will work on to maintain the water tank,” he added.

Mbendera also called for the construction of additional boreholes, considering the water challenges faced by the 25 Masjids in the area.

The traditional leader of the area rejoiced at the development and expressed his appreciation for the well-being of the community.

He acknowledged the chronic water problems faced by the area and stressed the importance of implementing measures to protect the water tank from potential theft.

In a similar event held in Chilimba Suya village, MAM Blantyre district Chairman Sheikh Aman Omar said the National Chairman for MAM Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad is actively engaging with the community seeking people’s positive participation to address their challenges.

He said that the Chairman is working tirelessly in identifying donors to address a number of problems various communities are facing in the country.

Sheikh Omar emphasized the need to take care of the water tank and discouraged any politicization.

Addressing the community, Omar urged everyone to take collective responsibility for the water tank, as it serves the entire community.

“As MAM District Chair, I earnestly urge each member of the community to embrace a collective responsibility for the electric water pump. It stands not just as a mere structure but as a vital lifeline for the community. In these words, let us unite in our commitment to safeguard and cherish this shared resource, recognizing that its sustenance is intricately woven into the well-being of us all. Together, let our actions echo the sentiment that our communal strength lies in the responsible care we extend to this invaluable asset,” he said.

He expressed gratitude to the community members for their collaboration with the construction process, which led to the successful completion of the project.

In his remarks traditional leader Suya, called for peace, kindness, and a good heart in order to foster unity within the community.

“I commend the uplifting gesture of the Muslim Association of Malawi. It is of paramount importance to recognize their contribution, not just in material terms, but in dispelling misconceptions about Islam that may linger in the shadows of ignorance,” he said.

“The actions of the Muslim Association of Malawi speak louder than words, as they become ambassadors of understanding, breaking down barriers and fostering a spirit of unity. Let the positive ripples of their generosity resonate far and wide, rewriting narratives and building bridges of knowledge and goodwill,” Suya said.

He further emphasized the significance of rebuilding imam’s house to ensure that his security is guaranteed.

This initiative undertaken by MAM not only provides a tangible solution to the water scarcity problem faced by the communities but also exemplifies the principles of peace and generosity upheld by Islam. It is hoped that this spirit will inspire further acts of kindness and promote harmony among the diverse population residing in these areas.

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