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Asian Business Community Covid-19 Task Force Assists Malawi Government

Asian Business Community Covid-19 Task Force Assists Malawi Government

At a press briefing in Blantyre Asian Business Community (ABC) Chairperson, Faizal Aboo, said the Community formed a parallel COVID-19 task force in March this year in order to assist the Malawi government to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

“Its purpose is to immediately identify and address the limited knowledge about COVID-19 and to donate equipment, supplies and other requisites towards a well-equipped isolation, quarantine and treatment center for the government of Malawi as we have done ,” he said.

Aboo further said that in coordination with the district health workers and other government officials in the health sector, they have identified possible locations to establish isolation, quarantine and treatment facilities in Blantyre and Zomba districts respectively. Procurement of ventilators, personal protective equipment and medication has nearly been concluded.

Aboo says that the Asian Business Community took only 72 hours to raise funds from well-wishers to equip the Ministry of Health’s isolation and quarantine centers at the Kamuzu College of Nursing in Lilongwe.

During his presentation, Vice chairperson for the Community, Dr. Party Patel, urged people in the country to learn the hard way the lesson the world has learnt over the virus.

Patel further added that his community does not have enough medical staff and facilities necessary to cope with the extra burden that the pandemic has brought, he then advised Malawians to observe all preventive measures the ministry has put in place or stay at home unless they are the breadwinner, The Community implemented a partial lockdown in its effort to prevent spread of Corona virus.

Blantyre District Director of Health Services, Dr. Gift Kawalazira, said the support being rendered by ABC is
making a difference in the fight against the virus.

He said the district office has put in place strategies in managing the virus such as monitoring and routine tests among health workers.

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