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MAM Chairman Urges Muslims To Give Alms

MAM Chairman Urges Muslims To Give Alms

Muslim Association of Malawi-MAM Chairman his Eminence Idrisah Muhammad has urged fellow Muslims to developing a donating syndrome that will lead to development of association and improved operations.

The chairman said this in Blantyre following his re-election as MAM Chairman for the next 10 years.

“Almost 99% of funds that are used to run the organization are through donors and to be precise they go through me.
Instead of us the Muslim community to contribute to the association we are busy questioning something that is not there,” the Chairman said adding that Muslims should learn to give and make the mother body productive. Even the Quran says the hand that gives is blessed than the hand that takes.

During the media briefing held in Blantyre the Chairman announced the new executive that he has chosen to work with. The Vice Chairman is Sheikh Yusuf Chibwana, Secretary General is Alhaj Twaib Lawe, the Vice Secretary General is Alhaj Maulana Monjeza, Hon. Ilyas Abdul Kareem has been appointed as Treasurer General deputized by
Alhaj Bujaj Kalera and Sheikh Dinala Chabulika has still maintained his Publicity Secretary position.

“As you can see the positions and faces are not new this is because I have greatly worked with this people and I want to continue working with them in the given decade. I hope they will continue rendering great service that is expected from them,” said Muhammad.

In his remarks the Secretary General for MAM Alhaj Twaib Lawe said the organization will continue to render
development in the Islamic community and the country at large.

“There are number of projects that the organization has embarked on in the country among them include school
blocks construction and currently we are constructing school blocks in the Northern region, Masjids, Gada farm,
health facilities just to mention a few.”

“It is also our mandate to look after the welfare of the Muslim community as such MAM will continue distributing food and assortments to the needy families. There are also several projects that MAM is delivering benefiting Malawians at large without discrimination,” Lawe said.

It is on 21 November 2021, Sunday that the MAM Chairman Muhammad retained his position through Shura. Shura is an Islamic manner of electing leaders through consultation of high ranking Muslim personalities with outstanding
stature in the Muslim community. The shura council was comprised of 40 sheikhs from all regions in the country.

Speaking with Insight bulletin the Chairman of MAM’ s board of Trustees Sheikh Ali Kennedy said it is a very welcome development that Sheikh Muhammad has been reappointed on his position.

”It is a very memorable ceremony as all 40 sheikhs overwhelmingly chose Sheikh Muhammad to continue as MAM
leader. That is a sign that the man is truly a very good leader that truly serves his people,” he said.

Kennedy further said “We have changed the organization’s constitution; henceforth elections will only be conducted through Shura by a council comprised of sheikhs entrusted to elect a leader of their choice in a free and fair manner.”

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