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Rural Communities Applaud MAM Portable Water Project

Rural Communities Applaud MAM Portable Water Project

As one way of giving communities clean water, the Muslim Association of Malawi – MAM, on 26 November, 2022, installed a solar water tank at Makalani, Traditional Authority Nsomba in Blantyre district.

Makalani is one of the hilly areas that lack clean water as there are no water board kiosks. People in the community walk long distances in search of safe and clean water for household use.

During the official handover ceremony, the Executive Secretary for MAM, Sheikh Raad Kangomba who was the guest of honor said MAM introduced the clean water project to help communities access potable water.

He further said that there are over 40 solar-powered water tanks being installed across the country for community use without seeking anything in return.

“It is very sad that at this point in time people are still experiencing challenges in accessing clean water. As an Islamic mother body, we have a number of projects, including the water project, to make sure  people are healthy and clean. It is our hope that this helps in fighting against the cholera outbreak that has hit some parts of the country,” he said.

Kangomba also called on donors to come and help in the provision of good-quality water to the underprivileged communities.

“As you’re aware, day by day the country’s population is increasing, which means the available facilities will not be enough, hence making access to clean water a challenge for our people. This is not our first project, and we hope it is not the last. Let me take this as an opportunity to call for more donors to help us provide clean water to the communities,” said Kangomba.

Expressing his gratitude, Senior Chief Makalani said the development has eased the challenges that his people face. The community has over 350 families that rely on two boreholes that are far apart.

“I thank the Muslim Association of Malawi for the project, this is not the first time that they have served my communities, and I ask Allah to bless all the people involved in making sure that Makalani gets clean
water,” he said.

Chief Makalani also added that he engages community policing to take care of the water tank at night and urged his community members to provide the needed security and care of the water facility.

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