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IHAM Launches Free Surgical Services

IHAM Launches Free Surgical Services

The Islamic Health Association of Malawi-IHAM launched free surgical services in Ntcheu, Dedza,
and Lilongwe district hospitals on November 25, 2022. The activity happened for over two weeks,
day and night, treating patients with different diseases like goiter, hernia, among others.

The operation comes as one way of helping the Ministry of Health save people’s lives with better medical
service in the country.

Speaking to IHAM’s Executive Director during the launch, Hajj Daitoni said IHAM was established to enhance the quality of health services offered by its members to the Malawian society in line with Islamic teachings and government standards. He added that the organization also facilitates bringing in organizations that can help with the provision of health services in the country.

“This is why we thought of taking the initiative. Malawi lacks specialists to undertake a number of surgical operations on patients that are waiting to be attended by the doctors, which, as you know, takes ages for them to be treated,” he said.

Daitoni further said that in collaboration with the MOH, Medical Council of Malawi, and Physicians Across the Continent (PAC), a number of activities have taken place, including surgical camps in Nkhotakota, Kasungu, Dowa, Dedza, Ntcheu, and Lilongwe.

“This is not the first time we have come up with such an initiative, we bring specialists from outside the country to come and help us since people’s lives are our priority. We also have a number of projects to be implemented,” he said.

In his remarks, PAC group leader Jamal Muhammad Ghoshe said that through IHAM they realized that there is a great need for surgeons in the country, so as a health charity organization, we honored the invitation to render our services.

“This is not the first time we have visited Malawi, the most common challenge we noticed is that, Malawi has few medical equipment that can be used when conducting operations,” he said.

According to Ghoshe, the basic need and desire of a humanitarian organization is to provide high quality medical care to patients and people affected by crises and disasters. That is working with people regardless of their race, religion, and country.

“Surgical treatment has been offered to over 146 patients in Ntcheu, Dedza, and Lilongwe districts. In Lilongwe, the organization focused heavily on eye surgeries for five patients,” said Daitoni.

Daitoni further said that, in total, the organization has conducted over 312 surgical cases in the country.

There are plans for IHAM to bring the project in the northern part of Malawi. Eye surgery, urology, hernia, and goiter are the most common conditions treated.

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