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Local Muslim Leaders Urged To Participate In Community Development

Local Muslim Leaders Urged To Participate In Community Development

The Muslim Association of Malawi National Chairman, His Eminence Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad, has urged the Salima Muslim community to put their trust in their newly elected Mufti to bring development in the district.

The National Chairman said this on December 17, 2022, during the elevation of Sheikh Ismael Allan to the rank of a Mufti in Salima.

“Mufti Allan is the kind of person who could do his job very well when given a task to fulfill. Each time I have given him a piece of work to do, he has never demanded payment in return. Such people are the kind of people that we need in our community to conduct development for the country,” said the National Chairman.

His Eminence Muhammad went on to say that Allan is the type of person who was born with desirable attributes.

“This kindness, trust, and continual charity work initiatives are among the reasons I elevated him to be the Mufti of the entire Salima district, not just his neighborhood,” he stated

Being a Mufti is the most significant position in Islam, since the office holder has the authority to interpret Sharia.

He is also recognized as a Muslim legal expert who makes decisions on religious rules and situations affecting people in his area, such as community development.

According to Mufti Ismael Allan, his position will encourage people in his Islamic community to worship properly and in accordance with the Prophet’s (S.A.W.) teachings. This will be accomplished by ensuring that people receive religious education regardless of their age or income, as education is mandatory for all (adults and children, men and women).

“My position will also help to enlighten people on the numerous questions they have about religion, allowing them to comprehend tenets of Islam and begin to practice them. I will also make sure that young people get educated in order to help our country thrive. This will be accomplished by guaranteeing that young people do not lack school fees or other items to further their education.

We will collaborate with groups such as the Islamic Zakaat Fund (IZF), the Africa Development and Education Foundation
(ADEF), and the Darussunnah Foundation which is based in Salima district, to make all of this happen,” he stated.

Mufti Allan also encouraged Muslim youths to continue seeking knowledge about their religion as well as secular education

“Youths need to be reminded that the beginning of wisdom is the fearing of God, and in fearing God education is a prerequisite. This entails that young people should go to school and learn about religion and sciences, as well as becoming responsible citizens,” he said.

The Salima Mufti further mentioned that he is eager to work with all public figures and leaders of various organizations to plan and implement development programs for the district and the country at large.

“Our religion, as the National Chairman has earlier stated, constantly promotes harmony. When leaders disagree, progress slows, which is why we want to collaborate with the government,” Allan stated.

He also noted that it is important to operate as a team when it comes to Islamic regulations.

“It is my appeal that sheikhs of this area should correct me when I am at fault and encourage me when I am right and have done well,” he said.


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