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Youth Empowerment: Breaking the Cycles of Poverty

Young people in most countries including Malawi are an afterthought of policy and program interventions. In Africa, and particularly in third world nations, the irony of sloganeering youth as the cream or the future of the nation exists alongside tendencies and behaviours that impede their development towards being responsible and full citizens which rather heightens youth underdevelopment and marginalization. But how can the youths escape dire poverty and achieve economic excellence?

There are several ways in which young people can escape poverty and become middle-income earners.

Firstly, obtaining good education is crucial for breaking the cycle of poverty. Young people should aim to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills needed to secure a decent job or start their own business. They can pursue higher education or vocational training in areas that are in demand in the job market.

Secondly, starting a business is another way to generate income and create wealth. Young people can identify opportunities in their communities and use their skills and knowledge to launch their own ventures. They can seek funding and support from government programs, non-profit making organizations, or private investors.

Thirdly, learning how to manage finances is critical for achieving financial stability. Young people should educate themselves on budgeting, saving, investing, and managing debts. They can seek guidance from financial experts;
attend workshops or seminars, or read books and articles on personal

Fourthly, building relationships and connections can help young people find job opportunities, mentors, and collaborators. They can join professional organizations, attend career fairs, or use social media to connect with peers and experts in their fields.

Lastly, participating in community activities and advocating for social and economic justice can create opportunities for young people to improve their living conditions and access resources. They can volunteer for non-profit making
organizations, engage in political activism, or join community development projects.

It is important to note that escaping poverty and achieving financial stability is a long-term process that requires perseverance, hard work, and strategic planning.

Young people should set realistic goals, seek guidance and support from mentors and peers, and continuously learn and adapt to changing circumstances.

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