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MAM Reaches Out to Cyclone Freddy Victims

MAM Reaches Out to Cyclone Freddy Victims

Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) Spokesperson, Sheikh Dinala Chabulika has urged Cyclone Freddy victims to prudently use the relief items they are receiving from well-wishers and not to sell them.

Chabulika said this in Phalombe district, in the area of Traditional Authority Nyezerera, during the distribution of food items and other required materials to the flood victims on 30th March, 2023.

“It is very sad to learn that some beneficiaries are selling the relief packs that well-wishers have kindly donated; what these people have to know is that the well-wishers have friends and relatives who are also struggling, but looking at the sufferings the cyclone victims are going through they decided to render some help from the little they have,” he said.

Chabulika further asked those affected not to name all members of one family on the beneficiary list so as to allow other households to benefit as well.

“You will find that the whole family starting from mother, father, and children, have all registered their names, and they receive the donation as individual households.

This makes the donation insufficient for other deserving beneficiaries,” he explained.

Addressing the victims MAM’s National Chairman His Eminence Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad, said MAM is responding to the President’s call to help people affected by the cyclone that hit hard in March, 2023.

“This is a very traumatizing situation that needs collaboration and team work. As such, MAM called out to its donors to help the lives of people that are currently suffering following the disaster,” he said.

The association did not only touch the hearts of people of Phalombe but went on with a similar exercise to Chiradzulu, Blantyre, Machinga and Mangochi districts.

In Chiradzulu district, MAM was represented by the organization’s board of trustees, led by Mufti Sheikh Ali Kennedy, who said helping is not only for the government and organizations but can also be done at an individual

“The government, organizations, and individuals should reach out to the people that are in need; those that are close by to people struggling should provide assistance; the expectation that only the government should come and save lives is killing the country’s progress,” said Kennedy.

The Mufti also urged Malawians to give whatever little they have to people that are suffering following the disaster.
Sheikh Abdull Karim Kachulu, who is the district treasurer for MAM in Machinga distict cited poor and damaged road networks as one of the challenges in the area.

“We are walking almost 50 kilometers and riding bicycles to come to the area of Chief Kapoloma to get the donation as the road has been rendered impassable,” said Kachulu.

Sympathizing with the community Sheikh Chabulika asked people in the country to turn to Allah and check their actions to make sure that they are corrupt-free committing evil, or breaking the law, among other ills.

“It is very sad that as a country we are becoming comfortable committing wrongdoings, something that displeases God the Almighty. We need to check our ways of living and do what please the almighty,” said Chabulika.

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