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Muslims Urged To Be United

Muslims Urged To Be United

Eid Al-fitr is regarded as a special event that happens following the fasting in the month of Ramadan. This year’s Eid Al-fitr was celebrated at the beginning of the first week of the month of May after finishing 29 days of the month of Ramadan according to the sighting of the moon.

The Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) announced the sighting of the moon on the night of Sunday, marking the end of Ramadan and beginning of the month of Shawwal and declaring Eid on Monday.

Speaking on Monday at Zomba Islamic High School, Muslim Association of Malawi Chairperson Sheikh
Idrissah Muhammad called upon Muslims to be united and move the Deen forward.

Sheikh Muhammad said Muslims should learn to love their Deen and contribute positively towards it.

“A lot of Muslims are educated alhamdulillah but some of us turn to give opinions that will cause divisions in the Ummah and kill the Deen,” said Sheikh Muhammad.

Sheikh Muhammad asked Islamic scholars to fear Allah and do things according to the Qur’an and Sunnah.

On the moon sighting, the Chairman apologized to the Muslim community for announcing the moon sighting late
but was quick to say that the Association has to confirm from different parts of the country and reliable sheikhs before making the announcement.

“Moon sighting is a serious thing we need to have evidence that the moon has been sighted in order not to mislead
people,” said Sheikh Muhammad.

On the same event, Sheikh Muhammad announced MAM’s withdrawal from the National Ruyyatul Hilaal Committee saying some members have opted to listen to their own opinions than others.

“We have therefore opted to be out of it and soon we will be announcing our committee to be sighting the moon. As
MAM we want disassociate ourselves from people who are so selfish when it comes to running public affairs, hence
we have decided to distance ourselves rom such kind of people,” said Sheikh Muhammad.

One of the Muslims who had his Eid prayers with the Chairman, Abdul Latif Allie said he was happy to have heard that MAM will be forming its own committee to be sighting the moon.

He has however asked MAM leadership to choose capable people into the new committee yet to be established.

In a separate interview, Sheikh Jafar Kawinga, while not commenting on the stand by MAM, had a different view opting for discussion and resolving differences amicably so as to strengthen the unity we all aspire to achieve and maintain.

He said differences can be there in sighting of the moon but discussions could help in resolving the conflicts and
unite the ummah.

“Moon sighting differences are not new, they have been there for ages but if we sincerely follow the Qur’an and Sunnah we will not have these differences,” said Sheikh Kawinga.

Kawinga also asked Ulamas to be united and look up to the Qur’an and Sunnah for guidance so that the Ummah should be guided accordingly.

“Muslims should forget about their positions, financial muscles, status, education, ego, and focus on Unity , the Swahaba (Companions of the Prophet) and other revered followers after the Swahaba) as regards to moon sighting,”
said Kawinga

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