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Islamic Weddings and Celebrations.

Marriage is the bonding of two souls. This relationship of marriage between a man and a woman is highly welcome and recommended in Islam. In Islam, marriage is the only valid way to practice intimacy between a man and a woman.

Marriage is not only a religious duty but also a social necessity. It acts as an outlet for sexual needs and desires. It is through marriage, that families are established and the cycle of birth goes on. The noble said: “Marriage is my tradition and whosoever dislikes my tradition is not from me.” Allah revealed the following verse in the book of Quran: “O you who believe! Do not forbid [for yourselves] the good things which Allah has permitted you, and do not exceed [the law]. Allah does not like those who exceed [the law]. Therefore, eat of the lawful and good things that Allah has provided you, and fear Allah in whom you believe.” (Qur’an 5:87-88)

The official Islamic marriage remains the same everywhere, but its ways of celebration differ. This variation reflects the diversity of Muslims in terms of culture and social status. In Malawi, some Muslims just like Christians celebrate weddings by having a reception in well-decorated halls, open grounds where the mixing of men and women is so free and women dress in revealing and suggestive attires, and dance in front of men.

But what does Islam say about wedding celebrations? Islam explicitly says any act that is done in imitation said, “Whoever resembles disbelievers is one of them.” (Abu Dawood). Islam draws a line when it comes to wedding celebrations where the mixing of men with women, and things that are involved in that, such as greeting and shaking hands with one another, and men and women dancing together become very serious matters and are forbidden.

So the wedding celebration in Islam, unlike in other religions, does not allow the mixing of men and women, drinking alcohol, or letting the husband come into where the women are to take his wife or bride and bridegroom
kissing in public.

Above all Muslims are commanded to avoid spending extravagantly or going to extremes in showing off at wedding
parties because that may wipe out the blessings. Islam emphasizes that wedding celebrations should be held in moderation and should not be wildly expensive.

Therefore, throwing parties, playing music and dancing, mixing of men and women in the name of celebrating the wedding are not allowed in Islam and are considered acts of imitating the disbeliever. The said: “Whosoever resembles himself or herself to non-believers is one of them.”