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MAM Calls For Unity Among Muslims

MAM Calls For Unity Among Muslims

There is power in unity. So much can be achieved when the country unites then come up with something tangible for
sustainable growth and development.

Islam encourages peace and unity among the believers. Islam gives much attention on unity for Muslim, unity is the cause of mercy and way to paradise. Oneness has a major importance in a Muslim life, especially in the current situation where followers of Islam are faced with various challenges and aggressions.

The word unity in the Holy Quran means oneness, The Almighty Allah says in the Q 49 vs 10, “Without doubt,
the believers are brothers, so make settlement between your brothers but this does not deny respect to the
leaders and those elder than us.”

This is the reason why the Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) continuously urges the Muslim to maintain peace, unity and respect as there are fundamental principles in Islam. MAM says in life there are situations that lead people into disagreement. Such circumstances shouldn’t absolutely affect the people’s togetherness. From every status quo people have to learn how to handle such cases in a manner of not breaching peace and unity in a society.

Spokesperson for MAM, Sheilkh Dinala Chabulika emphasized that all Muslims are brothers and have equal rights in Islam. Nobody has any privilege and excellence on others, but all of them must live in light of Islamic religion and will not pose factions among themselves and not separate from each other.

Chabulika further said for unity to prevail, there is need of treating our leaders in religion with respect and honor. That act should be paramount in all way possible. Respecting the leaders, helps to concentrate in giving the necessary services to the community.

What MAM leadership has demonstrated is commendable as Malawi has always been known for its peace and unity among its citizens regardless of the differences in tribe, religion and political. Having leaders who preach so much about unity cannot be over emphasized as it leads Malawi into becoming one of the successful nations, because unity is the grantor of development and uplift.

What remains is for citizens to make use of every word said. Fulfilling and acting according to the principles is
different from just saying it. No country or organization has ever developed just from a word go but actions that
follows after those wise words.

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