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High Time The Nation Concentrates on Stress Management

High Time The Nation Concentrates on Stress Management

Suicide is an underrated means of death that has always been ignored by the country in general. But the act has claimed a lot of lives, which could have been saved if proper measures had been taken to aid stress management.

Most suicide cases come as a result of failure to overcome stress. Usually stress develops following the unsettling
effects of change, the feeling that an outside force is challenging or threatening a person, and the feeling that you have lost personal control. Life events such as marriage, changing jobs, financial crisis, divorce, or the death of a relative or friend are the most common causes of stress.

However, youths have been hit hard by the act following their failure to handle the financial crisis that they face. Most youths have high expectations for how they will live their lives after they finish school. But life does the opposite, especially in the most developing countries like Malawi.

It is pitiful that as a nation we do not consider stress to be a mental health issue that can be treated in any of our hospitals or other medical facilities. No matter where you are or what you are doing, stress is a part of life. Stress cannot be avoided, but it can be controlled so that it does not control you. Changes in our lives such as going to college, getting married, having financial issues, or being sick are frequent sources of stress.

In addition to suicide, stress can cause hypertension. It is also a fatal illness that has taken many lives.

The good news is that the harmful effects of stress can be minimized, such as depression or hypertension.

People need to be trained in setting priorities that are best for their wellbeing. One has to set priorities that will help him reduce stress. Always make decisions on what is really important to get done and what you can manage while setting others on a waiting list. This ensures that you are focusing on your top priorities and are not stressed by attempting to do everything that gives you pressure and happiness.

Too many expectations can destroy one’s hopes; examine expectations. Try to set realistic goals—those that can be
worked on. It’s good to push individuals to achieve, but make sure expectations are realistic. Be satisfied with doing the best that can be done. Allow people the liberty to make mistakes, and remember that mistakes can be a good
teacher. Most people do not know how to handle criticism. When criticized for their actions, they do not know how
to handle the situation and end up committing suicide.

Acceptance of change is key; people who were well off before do not know how to cope when the tables turn. The denial for a life change becomes enormous.

It is high time the Ministry of Health and other stakeholder groups instilled awareness of how one can interpret and
react to circumstances when they fail to be overcome. This awareness will help people to develop coping techniques for managing stress.

Projects need to be developed to help people understand that sharing their problems can ease their stress.