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Stress Relieving Remedy

Stress Relieving Remedy

Stress is a physiological and psychological response to events that are either pleasant or unpleasant and that are bound to change or disrupt one’s normal life. When a person is stressed, he or she experiences a lot of physiological and psychological irritabilities like feeling tired, anxious, and depressed.

To some extent, a person who is stressed might eat more and others find eating difficult. There are a lot of events in life that trigger stressful events, for instance, financial worries, marital or relationship problems and loss of jobs.

All these are negative examples of stressful situations, but positive situations trigger stress. For example, going on vacation can be stressful as one gets things done ahead of time prepare for being away, pack the belongings, spend money on the trip and completely change the routine. So any type of change in life has the potential to trigger a stress response. And the amount of stress one experiences depends on one’s perception of the situation and one’s perception of the situation and one’s ability to handle that particular situation.

There are different ways in which individuals can cope with stressful situations. Usually, people turn to religion when coping with events. Islam as a religion that tackles all aspects of human life has the teachings that help Muslims in
coping with traumatic events in their lives.

Islam stresses the need to believe in Allah in everything and also have a belief that all good and bad things come from Him. No matter how bad someone perceives the situation depressed or stressed or desperate he might be, he should never give up on Allah. In Qur’an 12:87, Allah says ‘Truly no one despairs of Allah’s Soothing Mercy except those who
have no faith’.

Finally, when everything starts to fall apart within and around, remember that hope is what keeps us all going forward. Allah is, however, we think of Him. So, we should have the best of hopes and He will fulfill them all. The
conviction of belief can be a powerful tool of willpower.