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Let us promote the reading culture, Muslims advised

Let us promote the reading culture, Muslims advised

Muslims in the country have been asked to promote a reading culture if their faith is to be preserved and practiced according to the Quran and Prophetic tradition.

The call was made by the Principal of Blantyre Islamic Mission Sheikh Muhammad Muaz Nadwi at a prize presentation ceremony held at the institution.

The competition started seven years ago with the aim of teaching people the reading culture across the world especially in Africa where this competition has been taking place.

Each year, the total number of winners is 10 , three of which go for an annual pilgrimage and for the winners of this year had already received their prizes by attending this years’ Hajj last month in Saudi Arabia. The rest of the winners received their different prizes that included Laptops, digital Quran and smart mobile phones.

In his introductory remarks, Sheikh Muhammad Muaz Nadwi who is also the representative of the Africa Dawa Committee from Saudi Arabia and the main Financing institution of the competition said that “ this is the seventh time we are able to distribute these gifts to the winners here in Malawi, this competition has been running in many countries in Africa for seven years now including Malawi. On this note we send our gratitude to the custodian of the two holy mosques of Saudi Arabia king Faisal”. Sheikh Nadwi also thanked all the Islamic Bureau coordinators, Radio Islam and everyone for ensuring that the competition runs smoothly.

The  aim  of  the  competition  is  to enrich the Muslims with the History of the Prophet, his family as well as his companions against the background of flowing misleading information initiated by the Shia sect insulting the Prophet, his family and the companions peace be upon them all.

Assessing the whole competition especially regarding the  entries that gave correct answers, Sheikh Ahmad Chienda told insight Bulletin that out of over two thousand that participated in the competition only 20 people gave the correct answers of the history of their beloved prophet a thing he said was very worrying. Sheikh Chienda then urged Muslims to kindle a reading culture in order to specifically know about their Prophet, his  family,  companions and the religion in general.

One  of  the  winners  of  the  2015

prizes who went for Hajj is  said that I thank the funding agencies local organizers and everyone who worked tirelessly for us to enter into this competition, because without this competition I do not know whether I was going to perform this last pillar of Islam by visiting that Holy land as I have done, I come from a poor family, no one has performed Hajj in my family so I say Alhamdulillah (May Allah be praised)

Apart from the Saudi Arabian African  Dawa  committee,  locally Blantyre Islamic Mission and Islamic Information Bureau. The event attracts students, professionals, sheikhs and representatives from local Islamic nongovernmental organizations across the country including Muslim Association of Malawi.



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