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Cutting Through the Noise to The Issues That Matter

By Rhodrick Junaid Kalumpha

It is less than a year before Malawi goes to the polls! Funny enough, it feels like the nation is already in a campaign period, despite the fact that this doesn’t start until later in the year. Our politicians have already started crisis-crossing our neighborhood in search for our votes. Unfortunately, from the indications so far, it is evident that Malawians once again will be given a raw deal next year! Nothing tangible and of substance has been presented to the voters. Instead, there are only intra party fights that are raging on like lava out of a volcano!

The DPP is busy tearing itself apart while the MCP is shredding itself to smithereens! These two parties, the likely of the many to take the mantle next year, for if truth be told, AFORD, PP and UDF are too insignificant to mount a nationwide challenge on their own, are hell bent on outdoing each other on who nukes themselves into oblivion first! It’s like they have made a pact between themselves on the lines of: “let’s do jingo! janga! bode! Breaker! One side? Two side?” with the unsuspecting, trusting Malawians and see who wings it into Government next year! Indeed whoever makes it into Government t next year would have winged it for there has so far been nothing tangible presented to Malawians.

The fierce fights taking place have gone beyond the normal politicking. These fights have taken center stage while pushing aside the aspirations and needs of the people. The manner and language of some of these fights are nothing short of clear cut gangsterism. They bear all the characters and hallmarks of the
dark world…the world of Al Capones to the Don Corleones, Scarfaces and not to mention Kyser Sozees! Its total madness, outright war among those who want to lead this nation!

It beggars belief that these are the people who want to take us to the Promised Land. What makes one sad is that whilst these clowns, mafias and gangsters are busy fighting, noone is questioning who will bring us the much needed direction to lead this nation? Malawi is at a crossroads. We are a nation without a vision.

A nation without a theme. A nation without goals. No different are we from headless chickens. The middle class, who should know better, are busy sharing, clapping hands and cheering on the shenanigans of the DPP and MCP through social media, instead of taking these people to task. There is so much negative energy, so much lethargy and dispiriting vibe in our nation!

In all this, the loser is the farmer in the village, the welder at Nchesi, the Fisherman in Mangochi, the cleaner at the hospital, the patient in the ward, the prisoner in the penitentiary, the lowly paid police officer standing at the road block in blistering heat, the woman who will be dying from child birth, the girl who will has no sanitary pads, the lady who will be harassed at work for sexual favours by the boss, the katundu boy at Wenela, the Kabaza man in Dowa not to mention the ngangas who will go to bed tonight on an empty stomach! The madness needs to stop now! We have people’s lives at stake and we can’t afford to lose any more time! We must cut through the noise to the issues that matter most!

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