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Chilumpha Speaks

Chilumpha Speaks

Former Malawi’s vice- president Cassim Chilumpha has come openly after forming his Assembly For Democracy and Development (ADD) Party saying nepotism has engulfed the country.

Chilumpha was speaking this on Radio Islam inside The Boiling Pot Program saying ADD is the party that can develop the country through working together as the nation.

Chilumpha said through the research that ADD conducted has proofed that 70% is composed of youths below 40 years but have no positions in governing the country.

“Time has come now for Malawians to take part in transforming the nation, we have skilled people who can take part in developing the nation but they are not given a chance just because of their tribe or the region they are coming from,” he said.

On Agriculture, Chilumpha said the country is failing to grow as the government is failing to provide modern farming technology and ADD will focus on that area.

The former lawmaker for Nkhotakota South said corruption which is rampant in the country has also prompted them to contest in 2019 as he said corruption is the greatest enemy of every nation.

“I was given powers as the vice president and people trusted me that I will deliver, unfortunately I finished my term while in prison that really disturbed my plans on how I wanted to serve the nation.”

Chilumpha who also served as minister of energy under Joyce Banda administration said his party cannot win elections on its own and is ready to have an alliance with other political parties.

He said to remove the current government in power, there is a need of having an alliance in order to have a strong opposition “I don’t need to be the president of the Alliance that can be formed but what I want is to be part of that alliance so that we can remove the current government and we as ADD will support the one who will lead the alliance.” In 2006 Cassim Chilumpha was arrested together with the businessman Yusuf Matumula on allegations that they were planning to assassinate the late Bingu Wa Mutharika using hired assassins from South Africa a case which he believes was politically motivated.

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