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Chikwawa To Produce Its Own Vegetables

Chikwawa To Produce Its Own Vegetables

Following the introduction of the irrigation scheme, people from Nsomo village in Chikwawa district have all reasons to smile as they are year in and year out producing and supplying tomatoes, onions and other vegetables.

The Nthiransembe irrigation scheme which is located in group village headman Nsomo T/A Ngabu has secured 7 hectares of land for farming three times a year.

The irrigation club has also benefitted a piped water project from their Member of Parliament-MP Abida Mia which is worth 9 million Kwacha to be watering their plants.

The chairperson for the club Lyson Kutacha said with the change of climate people from the village thought of coming up with a club that will be able to produce a lot of vegetables for the area and the entire district.

“With the change of weather, we ventured into irrigation farming producing various crops including maize besides sorghum since we cannot survive with sorghum only. Later on, we thought of coming up with a club that we might all benefit in producing farm produce throughout the year,” he said.

Kutacha said with the water project donated by the Islamic World League through their MP it helps them to yield
more farm produce as the tank can irrigate one hector of land in a day.

“We also have four water tanks donated by World Vision, hence with this extra provision twe are able to farm the whole land three times a year,” Kutacha said.

Last year the club got 1.7 million Kwacha after selling onions they produced. Currently, the farmers are planning to
double or triple the yield this year for supply to big markets in Chikwawa and the neighboring districts.

“This year we are expecting to produce onions that will be worth three-million kwacha profit by the end of the sales.
We had high demand of onions last year, hence the need to produce more this year. This is very good news to us for years we have been importing tomatoes and other vegetables from Ntcheu, Thyolo and other districts. Soon
Chikwawa will be producing its own farm produce,” said Kutacha.

Among other crops cultivated by the Nthiransembe irrigation club are sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, maize, lettuce,
onions and other vegetables. The club also thanked Mia for giving them the water tank to supply water to the
gardens. Mia donated the water tank when she noticed the virtuous work the club was doing as it contributed towards eradication of hunger in the district.

On her part, the Member of Parliament for Chikwawa Nkombezi Abida Mia said it is her duty to provide those necessities and see people progress.

“Coming up with that idea is purposely to deal with hunger in my constituency, it is very pathetic when we ignore the people who voted us into power. Therefore, as their MP I just have to do my best to source all the needed materials to help them,” she said.

Mia has also assured her constituency that she will make Chikwawa Nkombezi an admirable constituency amongst all. “As a Member of Parliament I will try my best to make them be independent and be able to source food on their own. If they ever vote for me again this will not stop, I belong here this is my home,” Mia said.

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