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Chiefs urged to desist – from corrupt practices

Chiefs urged to desist – from corrupt practices

The at-tarreqatul Qudriah Sunni Association {AQSA) one of the    Muslim    organisations working in the country says the battle against corruption malpractice in the country can be easily won if chiefs are well sensitized and economically empowered.

Sheikh Fahad Mohammad, the senior inspector for the association made the call during the week long training in Blantyre. The training was aimed at civic educating the chiefs from indulging in corrupt practices by empowering them financially.

Mohammad said various research revelations from the association indicated that chiefs were indulging in the act  of  corruption  because of the socio-economic livelihoods within their settings.

“For  example,  we  have  a  lot  of cases perpetrating by chiefs when they are administrating justice on issues such as lands and other family affairs. They are easily corrupted or given bribes to favour one side because they are not well trained on the dangers of corruption and because they are not financially stable,” he said.

Mohammad said the association also decided to give the 60 chiefs various items such as bales of clothes for business, live chickens for rearing and K40, 000 cash each for them to be financially self- reliant in a bid to desist them from perpetrating corruption.

Senior chief jalasi hailed the development, saying it will help to reduce cases of injustice because chiefs will  conduct  their  duties  in a transparent and accountable manner.

“It was so tempting indeed, sometimes one  could  come  with a lot of money or other presents like livelistocks so that you judge the case in their favour. So if you consider your financial capacity, you don’t hesitate but bow down to their wishes,” he said

The chief said the initiative has not only financially empowered him, but also enlightened him on some issues that he failed to understand in the first place.

“As chiefs we need to be the role model, and advocates in reducing the cases of corruption at the grassroots because this is where corruption is overlooked,” he said.

Apart from the chiefs, the association also trained 47 tailors on business and corruption dynamics.

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