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FAM to Scout Reserve League Sponsors

“As an association, we are weighing out options on how best to handle this issue considering that many teams in the country do not have strong reserve teams, and some even do not have them completely, but we’re going to talk to different companies, we are going to give them the proposals, and then we will see what happens next, but we are optimistic that a sponsor will come…

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High Time The Nation Concentrates on Stress Management

Suicide is an underrated means of death that has always been ignored by the country in general. But the act has claimed a lot of lives, which could have been saved if proper measures had been taken to aid stress management.

Most suicide cases come as a result of failure to overcome stress. Usually stress develops following the unsettling effects of change, the feeling that an outside force is challenging or threatening a person, and the feeling that you have lost personal control.

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