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New Version of Muslim Journalists

New Version of  Muslim Journalists

Muslim journalists in the country under the Association of Muslim Journalists (AMUJO) have on 27th June 2021, held a symposium in Blantyre as one way of imparting journalistic skills among Muslim journalists.

Speaking at the ceremony the guest of honor, Veteran journalist Amadu Rashid Mapira said the world has a splash of
negative stories about Islam which needs the Muslim journalists to clear.

For many years Muslims have been cited as terrorists and Islam has always been quoted as a terror religion. The
coming of the association will help the country to understand the true definition of Islam.

Rashid Mapira has also indicated that the association should have a clear mission and vision.

‘Creating a group is an easy task and can be done by many people, but what remains is maintaining it which has always been a problem in the world.

Formulating good strategies to run the group with its principles to act as a co-guidance will help the group to be
sustained,” said Mapira.

In his remarks the interim president for AMUJO, Bashir Amin said that the formation of any association requires
seriousness of all members joining the group for it to prosper.

Amin urged the members to cooperate with the aim of gratifying the group’s goals.

“We want to make it tangible and productive. It has members from different media houses and districts in the country. As such their input will be of much benefit to the association,” he said.

Amin further articulated that every journalist deserves to be a member of any association as they’re many
challenges that can be faced in the field that needs fellow journalist to intervene.

“There are so many challenges and reasons to why the group was formed. We as journalists are known of fighting
for the freedom for other people hence this association will help us to tackle such challenges,”

The Symposium will be conducted in all regions in the country so that the interim executive should get views from
its members. Amujo’s constitution also tackles on inclusiveness and oneness of all members.

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