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Mzuzu Youths Get Trained In Vocational Skills.

Mzuzu Youths Get Trained In Vocational Skills.

Lack of youth economic empowerment risks youth to engage in criminal activities as they struggle to be self reliant due to high rate of unemployment in the country.

It is against this background that a Mzuzu-based businessman Willard Msosa decided to render financial support towards training of 66 youths of the City of Mzuzu in vocational skills.

Speaking in an interview with Insight Bulletin, Msosa, while reaffirming his continued support, said supporting the youths, who are future leaders of the country, is a collective responsibility by various players through diverse means beneficial to the targeted group.

“The primary objective of this project, apart from complementing government efforts in supporting youths, is to empower the youths with various vocational skills. Most of these youths come from underprivileged backgrounds, and due to their backgrounds, they dropped out of school. They don’t have academic qualifications, making it difficult for them to be admitted in the country’s technical colleges. I am optimistic that through this program, a number of youths will be reached, become self reliant, and support their families,” said Msosa.

“I established a team that worked hand in hand with community leaders in identifying the beneficiaries. After the identification process, the beneficiaries were placed at different centers where they got trained according to their field of choice, where I pay the fees charged,” he said.

Msosa said there has been progress since the trainees started their training early this year.

“Little by little, there is progress. The youths are learning, and they are able to practice what they learn. The results are painting a good picture of the project and it’s on track to move towards achieving the goal. Some trainees in tailoring and fashion design have showcased their works in the summer fashion show in October,” he said.

He added that there are 200 other youths who have been identified and are waiting for their turn.

Msosa asked other stakeholders to join forces with him for the social and economic development of the country.

“All stakeholders are welcome with any assistance. Yes, they are imparted with knowledge but it will be meaningless if these youths are left without providing them with start-up equipment such as sewing machines, toolboxes, work suits and other required materials after completing their training,” he appealed.

One of the beneficiaries of this initiative Queen Mlenga, 19, from Chibavi Township who is doing tailoring and designing, asked fellow beneficiaries to use the opportunity to realize their dreams in life so as to serve as role models.

“I am grateful to him (Msosa) for coming up with this program. On my own, I would have not managed to raise funds for the training. I am working hard so that once I complete my training; I can start my own business from which I will be supporting myself and other people. I would like to ask my friends who are on this program to dedicate their time and work hard,” said Mlenga.

The youths are being trained in motor vehicle mechanics, computer and cell phone repair, dish installation, tailoring and fashion designing, plumbing and electrical installation, among others.


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