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MRA Stresses Role of Media in Taxation Issues

MRA Stresses Role of Media in Taxation Issues

In a two-day media training held between December 4 and 5, 2023, the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) reiterated the role of the media in disseminating information on taxation issues.

The training, organized by MRA in Mzuzu, aimed at enhancing the understanding of journalists regarding tax related matters.

MRA Manager for Corporate Affairs and Marketing Communications Wilma Chalulu highlighted the intricate nature of tax issues and commended the media for playing a crucial role in simplifying and conveying this information to the general public.

Chalulu expressed satisfaction regarding MRA’s partnership with the media, acknowledging the industry as instrumental in bridging information gaps related to taxation.

“The media fraternity is a very important conduit for disseminating information on tax and taxation issues, which are inherently complex. MRA believes that our partnership with the media plays a significant task in filtering and conveying information about taxation to the public,” said Chalulu.

Chalulu reaffirmed MRA’s commitment to ongoing engagement with the media, recognizing that despite making progress, there are still gaps in public knowledge regarding taxation.

She emphasized the importance of feedback from the media in refining and enhancing MRA’s communication strategies.

“As we proceed, there will still be gaps, and that’s why we continue these interactions to assess public knowledge. The partnership with the media is essential for mutual feedback, ensuring that the public is well-informed about tax issues,” Chalulu added.

Addressing the effectiveness of MRA’s initiatives, Chalulu shared the success story of Block Management System (BMS) introduced a few years ago.

The BMS designed to engage with small and medium enterprises outside the tax net, has proven to be successful in encouraging voluntary compliance.

“The Block Management System was created to bridge information gaps and help taxpayers understand their obligations. Through interactions facilitated by the system, small and medium enterprises are voluntarily joining the tax net as they better comprehend their responsibilities,” Chalulu explained.

During the training, journalists were equipped with insights into various topics, including Presumptive Tax, Block Management System, Exercise Tax Stamps, Corporate Affairs Mandate, Ethics and Integrity in MRA, Msonkho Online, and Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA) World Migration, and Customs Enforcement: Anti-Smuggling.

Ephraim Mkali Banda, a journalist from PL FM and a participant in the training, expressed appreciation for MRA’s efforts in enhancing media practitioners’ understanding of tax issues.

Banda urged fellow journalists to utilize the knowledge gained during the training for effective and accurate reporting on tax related matters.

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