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MCCCI Appeals For Conducive Policies For Local Farmers

MCCCI Appeals For Conducive Policies For Local Farmers

The Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI) have asked government to consider creating conducive policies that will enable the acceleration of agriculture commercialization in the country.

This was said after the 19th National Agriculture Fair at Chichiri International Trade Fair grounds in Blantyre recently, MCCCI deputy president Boyd Luwe, emphasised the need for farmers and producers to promote agriculture commercialization for the country to achieve its international trade visibility and the Malawi 2063 goals.

“Agriculture must be treated as a business, not just as a source of food only. This will enable Malawi to make stable and sustainable food supply,” he said.

Luwe further expressed worry over low participation by Malawians in agriculture activities, saying only 55 percent of the country’s population engages in agriculture which is making the agriculture activities low.

Luwe also pleaded with the private sector and farmers to unite and learn from their colleagues to improve and achieve agricultural productivity.

“Private sector can help farmers improve farming practices introduce, new technologies and provide training on efficient crop management techniques. We believe that such collaboration will allow farmers to enhance their skills and stay updated with the latest advancements in agriculture,” he said.

In his remarks, Minister of Agriculture Sam Kawale said government is very committed to establishing mega farms in the country, saying the programme will help in achieving food security and drive the country’s economy.

Kawale added that the introduction of mega farms will also facilitate farmers to export their produce, thereby significantly contributing to the country’s foreign exchange earnings.

“Government is working on providing farmers with access to resources such as improved seeds and fertilisers to make sure that they have enough inputs to maximise their yield and quality production,” Kawale explained.

The Minister also indicated that government is developing about 40,000 hectares of land in the Shire Valley, saying that when completed and fully utilised, the project will help improve agriculture productivity and create employment opportunities for local citizens.

Kawale further asked the youths in the country to engage in agriculture activities to further address the challenge of unemployment.

“As I was visiting pavilions, I was impressed to see some young people developing new agriculture technologies. This is awesome,” said Kawale.

Malawi always hosts annual agricultural event that is organised by the Malawi Confederation Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and this year, Lilongwe Dairy 2000 Limited was awarded the best agro-processor, the Centre for Agriculture Transformation was named the best service provider, and the best farmer’s club and cooperative category went to Creck Agro-business.


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