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MAM Gives Chilembwe Community Potable Water

MAM Gives Chilembwe Community Potable Water

Muslim Association of Malawi has urged people from Chilembwe community to take care of solar powered borehole that has been installed at Chikapa Masjid.

On 10 December 2021 during the official opening of the water panel at Chilembwe Village Traditional Authority Machinjiri in Blantyre district, the guest of honour MAM Chairman His Eminence Sheikh Idrisah Muhammad said the solar piped tanks will be able to provide water throughout the year to the community.

During the hot season women and girls are forced to work long distances in search of water. This mostly happens in
the rural areas of the country.

‘As we all aware that it is about 12.7 percent of people in the country that do not have access to clean water, provision of clean water is our priority because every human being deserves potable water,” he said.

Sheikh Muhammad further said MAM has handed over 12 water tanks in Chiradzulu, Balaka, Machinga and Blantyre districts. The water tanks are a donation by the Diyanet organization of Turkey in conjunction with MAM.

‘These are the kind of projects that we will be giving to the community. The water tankcan be used by everyone around here. It is now the responsibility of the members of mosque jamaats to take care of it,” he added.

Addressing the community the Director for Diyanet for SADC region Burak Ince said they have spent over ten thousand US dollars for each of the solar water tanks.

“We understand how potable water is scarce in Malawi, even those that have access to clean water are also facing
problems to have it. That is why we came up with this project in Malawi,” he said. Burak pledged that his organization will continue doing the projects in Malawi including a number of other activities like provision of food packs to the needy.

“With MAM as our local partner we are able to reach out to the people. During Ramadan and Qurban period we
distributed food packages to a number of households in the country,” said Burak.

In his remarks the Project Manager Sheikh Omar Abdullah Mdala said this demonstrates the good relationship that exists between Malawi and Turkey.

“These water tanks are free and they are not for Muslims only. They will serve the community around it, hence we urge the community to be contributing some funds for the maintenance of the water tanks maintenance,” he said.

“A lot of projects and water tanks are coming. People should expect more activities and we will construct evenly,” said Mdala.

One of the jamaat members at Chikapa Masjid Sheikh Fabiano applauded MAM for the assistance.

Fabiano also thanked MAM for considering people of Chilembwe village to be part of the beneficiaries of the potable water project.

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