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Legacy of Late Muhammad Jumah Jawadu: Islamic Banking Introduced in Malawi

Legacy of Late Muhammad Jumah Jawadu: Islamic Banking Introduced in Malawi

The story of the introduction of Islamic banking facilities in Malawi’s banks can never be complete without a mention of the fallen hero, the late Muhammad Jumah. His educational journey started in Machinga district, at Mpiri Primary School, in a typical village in that part of Malawi. Muhammad began his life’s journey in Machinga, where he completed his primary education. Thereafter, he was selected to start his secondary education in Form One at Blantyre Islamic Mission (BIM), where he also received his Islamic elementary education. Upon completion of his studies at BIM, he received a scholarship to study in Tripoli, Libya, at the Islamic World Call College, where he pursued his bachelor’s degree in finance, majoring in Islamic banking.

After his graduation, his never-ending thirst for education prevented him from being satisfied with the bachelor’s degree he held at that time. Instead of returning home to Malawi to celebrate with his family that he was now a graduate, Jumah applied for another higher educational degree, a Master’s degree in Finance, at the famous and reputable International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). He flew directly from Tripoli to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There, Muhammad continued his ambition to acquire more knowledge about Islamic banking.

The writer of this article is an eyewitness to Jumah’s passion and inspirations in Islamic banking issues because we were at the same learning institutions, both in Libya and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Sometimes, though my area of study is political science, Jumah could gently persuade me to join him in attending conferences and workshops where Islamic banking was the centre of discussion. Little did I know that Muhammad had a vision to introduce this concept in Malawi when he finally graduated with his MA in Finance.

Upon his arrival in Malawi, he started mounting initiatives to utilize the knowledge he acquired during his education to start pushing for the introduction of Islamic banking in Malawi. It was not an easy task at all.

During his mission, he rubbed shoulders with different reputable people around the world. Imagine such a young man meeting and discussing with the Institute of Finance Management (IFM) team in Malawi on one occasion, where he told them that he wanted to introduce Islamic banking in Malawi. Honestly, he did not leave any door or relevant person without opening or talking to such personalities. Muhammad also worked with the Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM), where he showed his talent and vast knowledge in banking and Islamic banking in particular. Thereafter, Jumah got a job in the Ministry of Trade and Industry on August 3, 2015, where he briefly worked with passion, serving the nation up until the last day of his demise.

True to the word of Allah, among the believers are men who have proven true to what they pledged to Allah. Some of them have fulfilled their pledge with their lives; others are waiting for their turn. They have never changed their commitment in the least (Qur’an 33:23). Indeed, Muhammad Jumah did his part perfectly; may Allah grant him Jannah for his great and endless effort that has today warranted the introduction of Islamic banking in Malawi. His name will go down in the history of this development.

Muhammad Jumah Jawadu will remain in our memories as we begin to reap the fruits of Islamic banking in Malawi.

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