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MUST MSA bids farewell to first 4 Muslims

MUST MSA bids farewell to first 4 Muslims

Muslim Students Association (MSA) at the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) has bid farewell to four Muslim students who were enrolled in the first cohort of the University in 2014.

The students are Hanifa Maulidi and Abdullah Chibwe who were studying Chemical Engineering, whilst Rashida Nsamira Earth Science and Jabson Sahibu, Weather and Meteorology.

Speaking during Eid celebrations and farewell party, Chairperson of MUST MSA, Sadi Kamwendo, commended the students for laying a concrete Islamic foundation at the institution , which has helped to strengthen MSA at Malawi University of Sciences and Technology Muslim Female Students “Today we celebrate with our friends who initiated MUST MSA, we are happy that they started this and we will continue making it vibrant.

In her remarks, Maulidi asked the remaining students to work hard in their studies in order to be successful.

Maulidi expressed her happiness for being amongst the first cohort to graduate as an engineer at the school despite various challenges she faced.

Maulidi also encouraged her fellow Muslim students to continue with the Muslim students Association that they established which will help them strengthen their Iman.

Agreeing with Maulid, Rashida Nsamira said that “I advise them to put Allah first and work hard in their studies in order to be successful. My plan is to proceed with my studies to Masters and even PhD, Insha Allah”

In his remarks Dean of students at MUST Mr. Saizi Kimu expressed his happiness that the students are graduating.

Kimu asked them to use the skills they have gained and fly the Muslim flag to greater heights.

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