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MAM Advises Muslims to Register and Vote

MAM Advises Muslims to Register and Vote

The Umbrella Body for Muslims in the country Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has urged Muslims to register in order to vote prudently in the 2019 tripartite elections.

Sheikh Chabulika MAM’s spokesperson said this during this Years’ Eid Prayers in Mangochi at the New Ground space provided by Malawi Government.

Chabulika further said that “The Association does not incline itself to any political party hence it would not advise any Muslim who to vote for, rather Muslims are at liberty to vote for whatever party they like without ridiculing other members who belong to other parties”

However, Chabulika cautioned Muslims against receiving handouts from Politicians who are using Islamic gatherings for their political gains. Saying this is not development at all. Rather he advised Muslims to vote for a government that will not discriminate faiths and Muslims in particular but accommodate all religions according to the constitution of the country.

Apart from registering for the tripartite elections in order for people to vote, Chabulika took the opportunity to remind Muslims to register for the population and housing census to be conducted by the National Statistical Office which will commence soon as this will helpin knowing the exact population of
Muslims in the country.


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There is power in unity. So much can be achieved when the country unites then come up with something tangible for sustainable growth and development.

Islam encourages peace and unity among the believers. Islam gives much attention on unity for Muslim, unity is the cause of mercy and way to paradise. Oneness has a major importance in a Muslim life, especially in the current situation where followers of Islam are faced with various
challenges and aggressions.