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A Well-wisher Hands Over 5 Wheelchairs To People Living With Disability

A Well-wisher Hands Over 5 Wheelchairs To People Living With Disability

A Machinga well-wisher, Nix Kamphulusa has donated five wheelchairs to people living with disabilities in the area of Chief Kapoloma, T/A Kapoloma, in the district on.

Kamphulusa said the gesture comes as one way of helping the people with disabilities to be able to access their daily developmental activities with the use of the wheelchairs.

“We’ve seen a lot of disabilities, but I thought I’d start with these to give them access to education facilities. Most of the beneficiaries do not attend school; some are carried there every day by their parents or children,” he said.

Kamphulusa further said that this is not the end of his charity activity; he has also planned to reach out to other people with different disabilities to help them with all the necessary necessities.

“I have urged the community to list all of the people living with disabilities in the area so that they can be helped in phases. It is my passion to see people happy and welcomed in all places without any challenges,” said Kamphulusa.

One of the beneficiaries, Katalina Waluza, said she is very delighted to be helped with the wheelchair, as it will ease some of the challenges she was facing in moving from one place to another.

“It was my deaf daughter who carried me everywhere I went; it got to the point where I stopped her from going to school so she could help with household work,” she said.

Waluza further said that she had to crawl like a baby when her daughter was not around, it has been a long journey, but finally she feels like walking again.

Waluza stopped walking last year after collapsing on her way to the bathroom, and she claims she woke
up at Machinga district hospital, where she was told her legs were paralyzed and she would never be able to walk again.

Chief Kapoloma representative at the function, Group Village Headman-GVH Kamulanje said he is grateful that the most underprivileged people from his community can be recognized and benefit from the wheelchairs.

“We thank Mr. Kamphulusa for his consideration, when he said he was coming, we didn’t anticipate that it would be as great as it is, being able to walk should be regarded as one of the blessings, and helping those that are not able to is generous and much welcomed in our community,” said GVH Kamulanje.

Kamulanje has also called upon other organizations to consider other people living with disabilities in his community and make sure they have access to other developmental factors.

The donation received funding from the Muslim Association of Malawi-MAM.